Why enter China?
1. Big consumer market
In China 283 million children start their education from pre-school and finish getting higher education (in the U.S., for example, this number is only 77 million).
2. Digital awareness of the population
801.6 million Chinese people use the Internet. A mobile phone has replaced a wallet; modern technologies are actively being used in everyday life.
3. Readiness to invest in education
Parents are investing in education of their children starting from pre-school age. On average,the Chinese parents spend 17-21% of family budget to make a kid go to a prestigious university.
4. Government policy
In 2016, Xi Jinping, President of the People's Republic of China declared that it was a national objective to improve literacy and provide education to people living in rural areas. Digitalization of education and use of innovative technologies are now included into the national plans of the country. For instance, one of the objectives of the 13th five-year plan of social and economic development of China is to introduce digital learning in primary and secondary schools by the year 2020 (K12).
5. Technologies
China claims the status of major innovative power and is developing its technological base (blockchain, Artificial Intelligence), applying it to education. Such modules as AI, robotics, STEM have been included into the list of compulsory subjects in primary and secondary schools.
6. Capital
In 2015, China invested $1.07 billion into tech education startups. By 2020 the country is going to invest $30 billion more into education technology.
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customized business tours, learn how china is creating disruptive technologies that can be applied around the world
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